PaymentWorks Launches Inaugural Partnership Program

Posted by PaymentWorks Staff on Nov 2, 2021 8:44:47 AM

Huron, Carahsoft, and E&I Align with PaymentWorks to Offer Secure, Compliant and Optimized Business Payments


Waltham, Mass. — October 28, 2021PaymentWorks, the digital onboarding platform for secure, compliant, and optimized business payments, today launched a comprehensive partner program that will cover all aspects of the partner ecosystem, including system integrators, technical partners, resellers, and strategic partners. Featuring well-known organizations including Carahsoft, E&I, Huron as an implementation partner, as well as others, the initiative will extend the reach of PaymentWorks’ proven technology platform across market segments and build upon the organization’s mission to streamline and secure the business payments process.  Visit our website for more information on how our new partner program works or to join our partner ecosystem.

As organizations across healthcare, higher education, state and local governments and enterprise move towards digitizing the business payments processes, many are at risk of social engineering and payments fraud scams. By eliminating that risk and ensuring compliance, PaymentWorks offers what no other provider can – a guarantee and peace of mind. 

“PaymentWorks is offering a strong solution to a problem that has the potential to plague nearly all organizations,” said Jens Brown, Managing Director, focusing on spend management strategy and operations at Huron. “Our customers rely on our expertise in procure-to-pay improvement and vendor master data management, so bolstering our data management services with PaymentWorks  provides an excellent mechanism to mitigate fraudulent payments and delivers a truly innovative answer to the problem.”

Through the program, PaymentWorks partners will be able to provide customers with the only digital onboarding and payment security platform that eradicates fraud risk, ensures compliance, and eliminates paper. Joint clients will enjoy industry leading, proven solutions for vendor management with a guarantee that they will no longer experience financial losses due to vendor impersonation payments fraud through the PaymentWorks’ guarantee. This guarantee allows clients to capitalize on the opportunity to move from check payments to SUA or ACH, minimizing costs, saving time, and reducing their overall risk of fraud.

“Public sector organizations grapple daily with inefficiencies and security gaps related to vendor onboarding and management and are continually targeted for fraud scams as a result,” said Tim Boltz, Sales Director who leads the PaymentWorks Team at Carahsoft. “With the addition of PaymentWorks to our offerings, public sector agencies now have access to an innovative Business Identity Platform that helps secure payment transaction operations from external threats. We look forward to working with PaymentWorks and our resellers to streamline vendor onboarding and management and mitigate payment fraud.”

Inaugural members of the Partner Program include:

    • Huron - a global consultancy that collaborates with clients to drive strategic growth, ignite innovation, and navigate constant change. 
    • Carahsoft - helping government customers with purchasing and procurement through contracting vehicles such as NASPO, OMNIA and NCPA. PaymentWorks software and services are available through Carahsoft’s NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement #AR2472 and OMNIA Partners Contract #R191902. 
    • E&I Cooperative- the non-profit sourcing cooperative exclusively focused on serving the education community, contract EI00042.
    • Newbury Enterprise - providing business process and IT specialists for PeopleSoft HCM, FMS, and Supply Chain solutions. Custom services include robotic process automation, optimizations, and assessments with Newbury process specialists.
    • NProdigy - providing system implementation and cloud integration expertise to best-in-class applications in higher education, healthcare and public sector.

“With the growing prevalence of vendor impersonation scams and increasingly stringent regulatory compliance, the problem we solve is endemic,” noted Hayley Hynes, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, PaymentWorks. “Partners will be instrumental in creating an exciting holistic experience that no other supplier onboarding platform offers today.  We will be able to offer customers a seamless experience through the vendor management lifecycle.”

Organizations interested in partnering with PaymentWorks can learn more here or email


About PaymentWorks
PaymentWorks provides a digital onboarding platform to provide secure, compliant, and optimized business payments. Featuring the industry’s only payments guarantee and a network of tier one partners, PaymentWorks enables customers across healthcare, higher education, state and local government and more to capitalize on the opportunity to digitize the payments process while minimizing costs, ensuring compliance, and reducing the overall risk of fraud. To learn more about how we do it and the partners we work with, visit our website, check out our blog, or listen to our new podcast series, “Risky Business”. 

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