PaymentWorks Presents Risky Business Episode 3: Matt Klein

Posted by PaymentWorks Staff on Oct 13, 2020 4:42:58 PM

PaymentWorks Presents Risky Business Episode 3: Matt Klein Answers the Million Dollar Question About Coverage

Matt Klein, National Fidelity Product Leader at Willis Towers Watson, breaks down the world of insurance and coverage for losses stemming from social engineering frauds. He walks us through the exacting claims process, what questions you should ask your insurance provider right now, and what business leaders will need to do to prepare for such attacks.


PaymentWorks Presents-guest_Episode3_v2Listen to the full podcast here.

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PaymentWorks Presents Risky Business Episode 2: Valarie Van Vlack

Posted by PaymentWorks Staff on Sep 24, 2020 10:58:03 AM

PaymentWorks interviews the Treasurer at Texas State University, Valarie Van Vlack on the unique mission of treasury in higher ed, and all of the creative ways fraudsters try to scam educational institutions.

PaymentWorks Presents-guest_Episode2

Listen to the podcast here.

Read the blog post Protecting and Serving: Treasury in Higher Ed

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PaymentWorks Launches Podcast Series to Help Organizations Identify & Mitigate Business Payments Fraud Risk

Posted by PaymentWorks Staff on Sep 21, 2020 2:07:55 PM


Inaugural episode features interview with Clay Deutsch, former CEO of Boston Private Bank

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Waltham, MA – September 21, 2020 – PaymentWorks, providers of The PaymentWorks Business Identity Platform, today unveiled PaymentWorks Presents Risky Business, a new podcast series designed to help organizations identify and mitigate risk related to business payment fraud.  The series will explore themes including business payments, compliance, risk management and supplier onboarding, among others. Each episode will feature an interview with industry experts and/or frontline practitioners working in vendor management and risk to offer the insight organizations need to effectively address the growing threat of business payments fraud.  To learn more visit HERE.

PaymentWorks Presents: Clay Deutsch, former CEO, Boston Private Bank

Recently recorded, the inaugural podcast features an interview with Clay Deutsch, former CEO of Boston Private Bank regarding the evolution of risk management, vendor management and the increasing threat of payment fraud for businesses.  To listen, visit HERE.  The regularly scheduled series boasts an impressive speaker line-up including:

  • Global Payment Advisors: David Kurrasch, president, to explore ACH, banking and payments fraud
  • Texas State University: Valarie Van Vlack, treasurer, to discuss the role of treasury in higher education and payments fraud
  • Willis Towers Watson: Matt Klein, director, national Fidelity product leader, to explore what cyber insurance will cover when it comes to social engineering scams

Business Payment Fraud Largest Source of CyberCrime in US

It is more critical than ever for organizations to be relentless in their efforts to protect against business payment fraud - the largest source of cybercrime in the United States. According to a recent AFP Survey, 81% of businesses reported a business payments fraud attempt in 2019. The risk is real and devastating as fraudsters are savvier than ever before. Yet little progress has been made to help businesses effectively eliminate the growing gap in managing the identity elements in B2B relationships – fueling this increase in threats.  The PaymentWorks Business Identity Platform was designed to disrupt the status quo and eliminate this identity gap. By automating the complex payee management process, PaymentWorks enables payers and payees to exchange verified identity elements in a networked environment. Learn how it works HERE


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 About PaymentWorks

PaymentWorks and our company’s Business Identity Platform eliminates the risk of business-payments fraud, which costs U.S. businesses more than $20 billion a year. By automating a complex, manual, people-intensive, and error-prone payment process, PaymentWorks protects organizations such as Hackensack Meridian Health, Johns Hopkins, and University of Kentucky from business payments fraud and ensures regulatory compliance. To learn more about how we do it and the partners we work with, visit our website, check out our blog or listen to our new podcast series, PaymentWorks Presents Risky Business”. 


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PaymentWorks Presents: Episode One Clay Deutsch

Posted by PaymentWorks Staff on Sep 16, 2020 8:15:00 PM

PaymentWorks interviews the former CEO of Boston Private bank regarding the evolution of risk management, vendor management, and the increasing threat of payments fraud for businesses.

PaymentWorks Presents focuses on interviewing industry experts and front line practitioners in the world of vendor management and risk. This is the inaugural podcast.

PaymentWorks Presents-guest-template_Episode1


Listen to Episode One of the PaymentWorks Presents Podcast

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