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In the News: Three Predictions for B2B Payments

Posted by Thayer Stewart, CEO on Dec 16, 2020 11:12:49 AM

Our CEO Thayer Stewart recently contributed this column to PaymentsNext:

Three Predictions for B2B Payments: Where Next for ACH Credit Transactions?


Everywhere you look, the statistics on B2B payments point to a rapid rise in the adoption of digital payments. Checks are still around, of course (and continue to cost businesses money to process), but according to a report from Statista, ACH credit transactions have taken over as the number one choice for B2B payments.payments-150x101@2x

In 2019 alone, the nonprofit group Nacha found B2B payments on the ACH Network had reached an all-time high citing a whopping $4 billion in B2B payment transactions. Given the impact of the pandemic, this number is sure to rise for 2020 as well.


Read the entire column on PaymentsNext.

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